Home owners, architects, and mechanical engineers are always looking for HVAC contractors. Choosing the right HVAC contractor can be a challenge. The challenges of balancing cost, experience, professionalism and competency can be difficult when trying to figure out which contractor is right for your specific needs. When choosing a contractor, factors such as pricing and experience are just a couple of items to look for. With a wide range of contractors to choose from, options for choosing the right residential or commercial contractor for you can be confusing.

Factors to Consider When Choosing The Right HVAC Contractor

Know that not all contractors are the same. That’s why choosing the HVAC contractor that is right for your unique and specific needs has to be approached with thoughtfulness. Here are somethings to look for, factors such has the contractor’s year of experience, their bid estimate, online reviews, and professionalism all come into play when choosing a good HVAC contractor.
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  1. Professionalism: When choosing an HVAC contractor, one way to assure a degree of professionalism is to verify that your contractor is licensed by the State’s licensing board where your contractor is based. You can either ask the contractor directly to see a copy of their license. Also, License verification tools can be found on most State’s website. If not, you can call the licensing board directly.
  2. Experience: A contractor’s years of experience can count for a lot. Things such as, understanding typical issues that occur with older HVAC models and their repair needs. Knowing if parts for your older HVAC model are still manufactured. A contractor with over 25 years of experience will most likely have a better understanding of the older HVAC systems and equipment than a contractor with very little years of experience.
  3. Cost: Choosing the lowest bidder is not always the best option. When considering cost, you should get multiple estimates – at least three. Also, weigh each cost estimate alongside other factors such as experience, online reviews, their warranty policy, etc….Therma Blog 18 09 10 Graphic2
  4. Online reviews: With so many online review websites, researching and collecting information from reputable sources has become so much easier. Finding a competent HVAC contractor was once a challenge. However, in recent time, using online reviews as a way to get information about your HVAC contracting options has become a very good way to assure you have a contractor that is right for the job. You should obtain reviews from multiple sources, in order to get a comprehensive sense of each HVAC contractor. Online reviews also allow you to get a sense of the contractor’s professionalism, competency, and costs in comparison to other contractors.

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Choosing the right HVAC contractor is as important as choosing the right HVAC system for your home or office. That’s why a degree of thoughtfulness is required. Additionally, choosing the right HVAC contractor is based on research. Getting bids from multiple contractors, asking each contractor the right questions. Questions such as, their level of experience and asking for references from neighbors or businesses in the local community, can help you make a more informed decision when choosing an HVAC contractor that’s right for you.

By Harry Jeudy
Harry Jeudy has more than 15 years of experience in the government and industrial sector. He has an extensive industrial background, including permitting Title V facilities. He’s written air permits, environmental impact statements, environmental assessment, and technical memorandums.


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