Therma is founded by Joe and Nicki Parisi.


The first major clients of Therma were the brand new semiconductor companies that were beginning to populate Silicon Valley.


Therma performed the original mechanical work in the fabrication areas of IBM, Fairchild, AMD and Intel.


The first maintenance contract was sold and the beginning of the Therma Service Division was born.


Expanding on the vast knowledge learned through working with the microelectronics companies, Therma forged ahead into the pharmaceutical manufacturing and R&D space. Early client’s included Chiron (now Novartis), Genentech, Abgenix (now Amgen), and Bayer.


The company moved to a new,fully automated 86,000-square foot facility on 5.29 acres to increase productivity and efficiency, and to allow for the personnel growth required to remain a state-of-the-art company.


The use of Building Information Modeling software to assist in the design and fabrication process became a standard practice.


Therma adapted to a rapidly changing market of data centers. With an increase in speed and reduction in size of chips, more servers could fit into one room, resulting in an exponential heat load increase.


The company took over what had previously been the International Paper Building. Transforming the nearly 300,000 square foot property into a modernized facility, Therma now had a state-of-the-art location to house all manufacturing and administrative operations in one location.


Therma adds process systems and industrial process automation to their offerings.


The company undergoes a rebranding, with an emphasis on a logo that mirrors the companies dedication to community involvement and giving back.


An expansion into energy efficient systems such as solar exposures, natural ventilation, displacement ventilation, radiant flooring and building shading help diversify Therma’s portfolio.


Therma completes its largest project to date, a $36M new construction project for the Stanford Graduate School of Business.


3D Laser Scanning is used to capture existing conditions in buildings like architectural & structural elements, fire protection, electrical, process and mechanical systems.


Therma’s Plumbing Service Department bought their first hydro excavator and became the only mechanical contractor to offer a unique solution to excavate and expose underground utilities.


Therma celebrates its 50th Anniversary


Therma expands into the Southern California market by opening an HVAC service office in Orange County.