Test, Adjust and Balance (TAB) Solutions

Our Test, Adjust and Balance solutions are designed to adapt to any need, making each solution unique to the client and their concerns. Location, industry, and the building itself will all have an effect on priorities, which is why we offer a full range of testing services.

For HVAC and efficiency concerns, we suggest duct testing, duct pressure testing, and a duct leakage test. If fires are a greater threat, a fire alarm system test, fire sprinkler system maintenance and testing, and fire protection inspection and testing may be the place to start. No matter what systems need to be addressed, Therma’s TAB solutions have the answer.

We’re members of SMACNA, ASHRAE, and IEST, and all our technicians are NEBB, TABB, and NSF certified. We conduct every test according to best-practice standards and procedures.  From a duct leakage test to a fire alarm system test, we’ve got your back.

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    What We Do

    • AIR & WATER BALANCE: Semiconductor/ Electronic, Biopharmaceutical, Medical Devices, Vivariums (AAALAC), Office Buildings, Hospitals
    • SPECIALITY TESTING: Fire Alarm System Test, Energy Audits, Duct Leakage Test, Equipment Calibration, Microbiological Testing, T24 Mechanical, Acceptance Testing
    • CERTIFICATION: Cleanrooms, Bio-safety cabinets, Laminar Flow Hoods, Kitchen Exhaust Hoods, Lab Hood Testing, VBSE’s

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    Air Balance Testing

    With our test, adjust and balance (TAB) services, expert Therma technicians inspect every facet of your HVAC system, from rooftop handlers to individual registers, duct testing and events. We measure air distribution and temperature control to make sure that both the system as a whole and individual zones are working at top efficiency.

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    Water Balance Testing

    HVAC systems do a lot—including heating and cooling water. Our technicians inspect those water systems for adequate control sequences, temperature, flow area, and pressure.

    Water balance can affect the efficiency of an entire system if left unchecked, which is why we include this as an important part of Therma’s HVAC TAB services.