Precision Industrial Equipment & Services Company

Our industrial control specialists are certified to create custom equipment modules and provide specialized automation and mechanical services critical to daily operation.

Software Programming
Our engineers are experts in all major PLCs. We use Allen Bradley and Siemens regularly and can work with just about any platform. We’re also able to meet the IEC 61131 standard for integrating ladder logic, function blocks, and structured text programming.

Reporting Sequence of Events
It’s crucial to quickly locate and fix the problem when a deviation happens. Being able to immediately identify where a deviation occurs as well as the corresponding triggers can be make-or-break. Therma’s control systems respond in 50-100 milliseconds (as high as 10ms based on the application)—and includes sequence of events reporting.

Fine Tuning
Our top-of-the-line industrial mechanical engineers are able to rapidly deploy PIDs with precise tuning and auto-tuners, depending on your system’s needs. We do what it takes so that your system can correct deviations quickly and correctly.

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    What We Do

    • Level Indication
    • Salinity
    • Flow Rate
    • Differential pressure
    • Redundancy
    • Turbidity
    • Temperature

    Industrial Machine Services

    At Therma, we design and engineer centralized control systems using Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) to automate your mechanical systems.

    Say “goodbye” to case upon case of relays, and say “hello” to a custom-designed central control.

    We start by taking your P&ID—or designing one for you—and putting together a tailored equipment takeoff, then we partner with a UL-certified panel shop to bring you a reliable (and insurable) panel that connects your systems and control station. It’s our goal to make your operations—and life—easier by programming and automating your controls, redundancies, alerts, shutdowns, throttling, and more, and putting them all within a centralized system.

    Process Systems

    Premier Plant Maintenance Services

    At our core, Therma is an industrial maintenance company committed to delivering the best mechanical systems and solutions available.

    For us, it’s not just a slogan—offering the best service is at the heart of our corporation and has been a guiding principle since day one. We’re dedicated to offering our clients robust, innovative solutions without compromising on quality or efficiency.