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Our high-quality, price-sensitive solutions allow clients to tailor building automaton systems to their specific needs. Able to work multiple protocol systems, with in-house programming capabilities, we link intelligent devices into a common platform that enables you to optimize your building’s performance. From energy management to digital control systems, we tackle diverse applications with resounding success. Therma understands the importance of a wise investment. Our building automation systems help keep your building--and business--running smoothly. Automated systems help increase the efficiency of both utilities and administration. Pair that with a system’s ability to manage many of the building’s functions automatically and Therma’s remote troubleshooting services, and one can see how our solutions help save clients time and money. Every system we design at Therma is unique, created specifically to meet the needs of our client. We adapt our systems to meet a wide variety of needs and budgets.

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Creating an intelligent building that can enhance work outputs, allowing systems to interact, not only minimizes energy use but also maximizes operating efficiency for managers and maintenance.

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With skills spanning the spectrum from psychometrics, to HVAC fundamentals, to software and hardware experience, our collaborative teams bring together skilled individuals who can tailor your project to meet and exceed your specific goals and needs. By creating a well-rounded team and not focusing on any single discipline, we account for factors other companies may miss. Utilizing up-to-date technology and the latest products and processes, we create future-proof systems that will last.

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Our team has a combined experience base spanning hundreds of years, with education and field experience combined to offer top solutions. A well-rounded background is necessary to make the right decisions to accomplish the project’s desired effect – so our teams bring experts from various disciplines together for insight from all angles.

Our experts support Therma systems for their complete life cycle. From installation to upgrades, Therma’s team is on call for any need that may arise, and we are available 24/7 for troubleshooting and repairs. Most issues, such as recalibrations and settings adjustments, can be handled remotely without any disruption to a building’s productivity. And when you need us, Therma keeps a team of diverse experts on-hand for in-person repairs within hours, not days or weeks.

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