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For over thirty years we’ve offered industry-leading systems engineering and installation, quality preventative maintenance, pro-active support, and facility management to higher education institutions.

By outsourcing your maintenance and management needs to Therma, your education facilities will be serviced by industry-leading experts, all while freeing up critical time and resources so you can get back to the business of education.

Maintaining and managing systems across campuses pose unique and complex requirements. Laboratories, dorms, cafeterias, and classrooms all have distinct needs that have to operate in perfect harmony within a single network. We understand. Our in-house team of energy specialists, certified plumbers, and technical engineers understand this, and they bring decades of experience and creative problem-solving to meet the needs of our educational clients.

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    What We Do

    • Mechanical Systems Solutions
    • Design & Estimating
    • Systems Fabrication & Installation
    • HVAC & Service
    • Test, Adjust and Balance (TAB)
    • Planned Preventative Maintenance
    • Energy Solutions & Services
    • Plumbing & Service
    • Engineering
    • Building Automation

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    Save Your Energy

    As part of our educational facility engineering and management services, we strive to maximize your buildings’ energy efficiency.

    Energy usage is the largest controllable operating cost on most campuses. By targeting energy consumption, Therma can help reduce unnecessary utility costs for your institution.

    We start by understanding how much energy your building systems are using compared to how much they need. With this data, we’re able to offer efficiency measures and integrated equipment to new and existing buildings that can help cut costs without compromising on quality. 

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    Top of the Class

    We offer a Therma promise to our educational clients: We are dedicated to helping you plan, build, and maintain an exceptional learning environment for your students and staff.

    Therma’s technicians are experts in HVAC, plumbing and mechanical systems. In addition to designing, fabricating, and installing systems, we’re able to certify, maintain, and repair existing systems—ensuring that your quality air filtration, temperature control, water systems, and general facilities are operating at max performance across your campus. 

    All of our services come from in-house, certified experts, allowing us to deliver efficient and reliable solutions, maintenance, and management at the best possible price.