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At Therma, we know that smart design and regular maintenance are essential for profitable food processing and production lines.  With our decades of industry experience and know-how in mechanical services and solutions, Therma can ensure that your food processing and production lines continue to operate at peak efficiency. 

Our experienced mechanical engineers know just what to do to keep your machinery—and business—running smoothly.

Whether you’re looking for mechanical design and engineering backed by industry experience, routine maintenance, or if you find yourself in the middle of an emergency, Therma can help. Whatever the need, we’re available across California, seven days a week. 

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    What We Do

    • Process Systems
    • Industrial Controls
    • Design-Builds & Installation
    • Pump Refurbishing
    • Filler Service
    • Pump and Valve Maintenance and Repair
    • CIP System Maintenance
    • PHE Service and Testing
    • Homogenizer Service

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    You’re in Good Company

    Therma has served in the commercial and industrial food and beverage sector for over thirty years, and with some of the biggest names. We offer the ultimate in design, service, and repairs for our clients, and we operate on a customer-first policy. We’re committed to bringing you the best experience by combining our technical expertise with above-and-beyond customer service.

    All of our food-processing equipment design-builds, installation, maintenance, and repairs are ASME and OSHA standard approved. Our experience and attention to safety make Therma the premiere firm offering mechanical solutions in California. Companies that choose Therma for their mechanical contracting needs know first-hand that our results speak for themselves. 

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    You Need It? We’ve Got It.

    In addition to our engineering, fabrication, and installation services, we are able to offer fast and effective repairs—often with same-day results. This is possible due to our extensive on-hand inventory of parts and our expert in-house technicians.

    And because we know emergencies don’t happen on schedule, we’re available 24/7 across California to handle all your food processing plant upgrade and maintenance needs. So day or night, when you require food processing equipment repair, you can rest easy knowing that Therma will be there to help.