Building Automation Systems - Optimized

With many in-building systems requiring management, a robust and reliable Building Automation System (BAS) is key to increased efficiency and productivity—and saving time and money. Unlike other companies, Therma approaches building management like a network-centered IT department rather than a software-based solution.

Our Controls Service team works closely with clients and with our Building Automation System department to offer continued support and maintenance for the full life of your system. In addition to a seamless transition between installation and preventative maintenance, our team provides an array of other helpful services including client training, project warranty repairs, retrofits, retro commissioning, and 24/7 remote and onsite service support.

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    What We Do

    • Comfort Heating/Cooling
    • Lighting Automation
    • Solar
    • Cogen
    • HVAC
    • Process Systems
    • 3rd Party Integration
    • Energy Consumption

    Operator working on automation system cables

    Building Automation Done Right

    Therma’s Building Automation Systems are designed using rapid spanning trees. Whereas with traditional methods service operators must identify problems by testing every connection in a network individually (in a process that can take several days), Therma’s unique network-systems design automatically connects to the opposite end of the line, working backwards to pinpoint the problem’s precise location. We’re able to complete repair in a matter of hours—not days—all while keeping your building running.

    At Therma, we make it a priority to offer premier controls service with zero hassle to building owners and operators. Quarterly, bi-annual, and annual maintenance help minimize emergencies, and we’re on call no matter what happens.

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    Help Desk Support and Repairs Available 24/7

    Our Controls Service team provides first-response help desk support for all Building Automation System (BAS) clients with remote access. With this service, we’re able to determine the severity of a problem right away—without our clients having to wait on a service expert to arrive on site.

    Therma’s remote help desk services make it easy to determine the type of problem your system is facing so that we’re able to send the right technical expert—whether controls, mechanical, or both—to you in no time. Our techs are also able to arrive informed and with the necessary parts, saving you time and money.

    We know that emergencies don’t happen on schedule, which is why our help desk, and all our repair services, are available twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.