Team Members

Joe Parisi


Favorite Part of the Job: The people, our customers, suppliers and employees
Hails From: Portland, Oregon
Hobby: Painting portraits and collecting art
Biggest Accomplishment? Getting married

Jeff Sprau


Words to Live By/Favorite Saying: Never underestimate the power of teamwork
Hails From: Flyover-land (ie. the Midwest)
First Car: Dodge Omni hatchback (with a spoiler!)
Hidden Talent: Long-suffering Minnesota Vikings fan

Phillip Le Bris


Hails From: Brittany, France
Biggest Lesson Learned: Everyone can make a difference here and now
Favorite Quote: “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.” ~Margaret Mead
Dream Vacation: 3 months in Bora Bora

Steve Hansen


Biggest Lesson Learned: Don’t sweat the small things
Favorite Part of the Job: Answering this email (solving problems)
Hobby: Hunting, fishing and archery
Hails From: Sherman, Texas

Brooks Corcoran

Director, M&A and Strategy

Words To Live By: You've gotta risk it to get the biscuit
Hobby: SCUBA diving
Superpower: Not having to sleep
Hails From: Huntersville, NC

Mike Fisher

EVP, Service and Safety

Hobby: Mountain biking & fly fishing
First Car: Datsun 710 Station Wagon
Hails From: Woodland Hills, CA
Dream Vacation: Himalayan mountain bike trip

Scott Carstairs

EVP, Fabrication

Hobby: Golf
Hails From: Scotland
Favorite Part of the Job: Designing solutions
Words To Live By: Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it

Francis Wong

EVP, Finance

Words to Live By/Favorite Saying: Come on!
Hobby: Watching sport games
First Car: Fiat
Biggest Lesson Learned: Nothing is impossible in this ever-changing business world

Don Bach


Favorite Quote: Hope is not a strategy
Favorite Movie: Rocky
Biggest Accomplishment: Being a father
Dream Vacation: Italy

Greg Conn

Construction Operations Manager

Favorite Part of the Job: Problem solving
Hobby: Wood working
Superpower: Line picking (actually the opposite, 'picking the wrong line')
Hidden Talent: BBQ smoking
Dream Vacation: 3 months 'on the road'

Kathy Parrette

Director of Client Services

Hobby: Skiing
First Car: Ford Pinto
Dream Vacation: Bali
Biggest Accomplishment: Seeing my two sons grow into the men they are

Katie Madorin

Human Resources Director

Favorite Quote: "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent." -Eleanor Roosevelt
Hobby: Cooking
Favorite Part of the Job: Awesome co-workers
First Car: 1979 Toyota Celica Supra

Mark Ross

Project Executive

Favorite Professional Sports Team: SF Giants
Favorite Coffee Drink: Keep it simple...Grande Cappuccino From Pete’s
Favorite Winery/Wine: Saxum-James Berry
Words to Live By/Favorite Saying: “You can’t wrong by doing right”

Pete Portesi

Project Executive

Jon Litle

Sr. Project Manager

Biggest Lesson Learned: Never think you know everything and never stop learning.
Rather be doing: Hanging out with my daughter.
Biggest Accomplishment: Completing my Bachelors
Best Concert: Def Leppard Hysteria Tour

Fred Mulgrew

Construction Safety Manager

Work Theme Song: "Workin' For MCA" by Lynyrd Skynyrd. Turn it up!
Hobby: Live music
Hails from: San Diego...Surf's up, you down?
Superpower: Rock music trivia aficionado

Mark Goupil

HVAC Operations Manager

Biggest Lesson Learned: Do the job right the first time.
Hobby: Farming
Superpower: To be invisible
Rather be doing: Hanging with my German Shepherds
First Car: 1967 Camaro

Tom Wittel

Service Sales Manager - Northern CA

Favorite Quote: "You miss 100% of the shots you don't take." - Wayne Gretzky
Hails From: Anaheim, CA
Biggest Lesson Learned: Enjoy the little things and don't ever take anything for granted.

Dennis Lopez

Service Sales Manager - East Bay

Superpower: I am a Dad, need I say more
Hobby: Golf
Biggest Lesson Learned: There is always time to do something right, considering if you don't take the time to do it right there will be time to do it again

Shannon Guerrero

Area Service Manager

Work Theme Song: "Don't Stop Me Now" -Queen
Hails From: The depths of Orange County
Favorite Movie: Steel Magnolias
Nickname: Shanny Pants

Mitch Sager

Area Sales Manager

Favorite Part of the Job: Helping people exceed their own expectations
Favorite Saying: Life is a one way trip, so enjoy the ride.
First Car: 55 Chevy Step Side Pickup
Dream Vacation: Scotland seeing the country side, and playing St. Andrews old course

Long Nguyen

TAB Manager

Biggest Lesson Learned: Listen first
Superpower: I don't have bad hair days
Favorite Part of the Job: The work family
Nickname: Chino Chingon

Juan Hernandez

Plumbing Service Manager

Words To Live By: Stay positive
Biggest Lesson Learned: Don't assume, always confirm
Rather Be Doing: Swimming at the beach
Biggest Accomplishment: Establishing a great plumbing service team

Soniya Chopada

Engineering Manager

Favorite Quote: May the force be with you
Hobby: Solving puzzles
Superpower: Ability to get along with (almost) everyone
Biggest Accomplishment: My first campus project, which was several hundred thousand square feet

Steve Rusconi

Professional Engineer

Work Theme Song: ”We Ain't Got a Barrel of Money”
Hobby: Building railroads of all sizes
Hails from: Redwood City
First Car: Chevy Corvair
Nickname: Bud, Uncle Steve, Uncle Bud

Jesse Cristerna

BIM/Detailing Manager

Biggest Accomplishment: Assembling the best detailing crew in the Bay Area
Hidden Talent: Graphic Artist
Hails From: East L.A.
Biggest Lesson Learned: Measure and check everything

Ken Anderson

Process Division, Integrated Systems Manager

Words to Live By/Favorite Saying: "Be here now - be someplace else later."
Hobby: Mountain and Road Biking, Fishing and Hiking
Hails from: Sunnyvale, CA
Rather be doing: Riding my bike above UCSC

Omer Qureshi

BAS Controls Project Manager

Biggest Lesson Learned: There's always room for improvement
Biggest Accomplishment: Building the best HVAC controls division within Therma
Hidden Talent: Cooking the best tasting ethnic foods
Dream Vacation: Hawaii

Kerry Coltun

Industrial Controls and Automation Manager

Favorite Quote: There are no shortcuts.
Favorite Part of the Job: Seeing our team succeed and overcome unique challenges.
Hobby: Motorcycling
Hails from: Chicago, IL
First Car: '67 Roadrunner
Hidden Talent: Playing my guitar