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At Therma, we bring together teams of welders, CNC operators, designers, and project managers, resulting in unparalleled quality that sets our projects apart. By collaborating with each other, and working with you the customer, we can create pieces that combine form, function and aesthetics.

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The ability to fabricate what we need allows us to create one-of-a-kind projects, and build things that other companies can’t.

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Our fabrication shop is equipped with the latest in CNC benders, lathe and mill, and industrial and tube lasers for flat stock, round tube, and angle metal. By utilizing modern equipment, and educating our team members to the latest processes and products, we can ensure that the fabrication process is efficient and exact. Having such a variety of equipment allows us to work with mediums that fit the project’s needs, from pre-finished metals to black iron, copper to galvanized and stainless steels.

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Working Together

From our certified welders to our CNC operators, from our designers to our field installers, everyone comes together to provide input on our projects. Over five decades of company experience, as well as centuries of personal experience, mesh together to support customer-driven projects and ideas. With constant training on the latest machinery and the most modern processes, our team members are ready and able to tackle what the customer can think up.

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