Data Center Facility Services You Can Trust

At Therma, we specialize in integrated, preventative maintenance for hardware, hosting equipment, and building facilities.

Therma’s Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) tools help simplify data-center management in order to free up valuable time and resources for you, our client. We run the systems so you don’t have to, helping you maximize productivity and efficiency.

By making the most of cutting-edge technology and data-driven insight, we build resilient environments that maximize uptime year round and minimize risk.

You need services you can trust. That’s why Therma offers unlimited technical support with expert consultants seven days a week, every week.

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    What We Do

    • Energy Services
    • Test, Adjust and Balance (TAB)
    • HVAC & Service
    • Plumbing & Service
    • Engineering
    • Building Power Supply Troubleshooting & Repair
    • Architectural Sheet Metal
    • Building Automation
    • Infrastructure Management
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    You’re In Good Company

    At Therma, we service data centers for some of the biggest names in blue chip digital hardware including Apple, HP, Intel, Dell, Equinix, Coresite, Digital Reality, and CenturyLink.

    We’ve earned their trust through decades of customer commitment and expert service. We know that, with our quick and efficient services at competitive pricing, we can earn your trust too.


    Proactive Data Center Preventative Maintenance

    Data centers rely on effective and efficient mechanical, HVAC, and plumbing systems to stay running. That’s why scheduled preventative maintenance should be an integral part of any data center’s building management. Our highly qualified Therma experts can spot potential problems from a mile away and can help you avoid catastrophes before they happen.

    In addition to our preventative maintenance services, Therma can help you be proactive in renovating and upgrading your systems. When a mechanical system is coming to the end of its life, Therma can help. We are able to upgrade HVAC systems, plumbing, and control systems—often without shutting down or delaying productivity.

    We take our customer relationships seriously, and we know you do too. At Therma, we understand that your priority is to offer reliable, quality service and availability, which is why we work hard to keep you online with as little year-round downtime as possible.