Therma offers a full range of commercial and industrial plumbing services to meet every plumbing need. For non-emergency work, we can schedule any kind of plumbing service to accommodate your business’s operations. For emergency work, we provide 24-hour service with the resources to mobilize an emergency response team at any time. Our qualified plumbers, laborers, welders, and equipment can solve your plumbing problems.

Our services include:

  • Backflow testing and repairs
  • Snake, hydro flush, and video inspection of sewer and storm lines
  • Underground sewer and storm line repairs
  • Sewer and storm pump repairs
  • Root removal
  • Leak detection
  • Service and repair water heaters
  • Repair and replace gas lines
  • Service grease traps and interceptors
  • Repair, replace, and install plumbing fixtures

Therma’s Plumbing Service department has the capability of hydro-excavating when traditional excavators and backhoes are not allowed for digging. This method allows us to excavate around and expose underground utilities and is approved by USA Dig.

Plumbing Preventive Maintenance

Many plumbing emergencies can be avoided with preventive maintenance. Regular preventive services can identify potential problems such as blockages, failures, and overflows before they become emergencies. We provide annual and quarterly contracts to cover periodic services. There is a set price for each service for the length of the contract and includes a schedule to minimize disruptions to your business’s operations.

For more information on Plumbing Service and Preventive Maintenance, click here to download the PDF, Plumbing Service and Preventive Maintenance Brochure.

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