Therma’s engineering team brings together talent with diverse education and experience. It consists of 14 mechanical/industrial engineers (several with prior consulting experience), trade plumbers, 6 registered professional engineers (PE), 5 LEED™ accredited engineers (LEED AP), and a Data Center Energy Practitioner Specialist (DCEP-II).

Engineers provide support for the entire life cycle of the design/build project- from schematic design/budget phase to post-install commissioning/close-out phase. Our design staff uses the latest Autodesk Design Suite which includes AutoCAD 2017 − an ongoing investment of several hundred thousand dollars. Through this system, Therma effectively works with architects, owners, and other subcontractors to interface design and ensure compatibility with the other building systems.


  • Commercial
  • Data Centers
  • Bio-tech
  • Semiconductor
  • Educational
  • Manufacturing
  • LEED/Sustainable
  • Mixed Use (Amenities, Parking Garage, Restaurants, Fitness Centers, etc.)
  • ANew construction/ TI

Engineering Capabilities

  • HVAC (typical)- VAV-Reheat, Chilled/ Hot Water plants, Custom AHU/ Packaged DX, CRAC/CRAH units, Duct-Silencers, Gas-furnaces, Humidifiers, Air/water-side economizer
  • HVAC (specialty)- Exhaust (scrubber/ grease), HEPA/ULPA (Class 10 to 100k clean rooms), Dehumidification, Geothermal Heat-pumps, VRF/ VRV, Energy-recovery
  • Plumbing (typical)- Gas, Condensate, Waste, Vent, Domestic/ Industrial Hot/Cold Water
  • Plumbing (specialty)- Grease/ Sand-Oil interceptor, Booster/ Sump Pumps, Solar water heating
  • Process piping- CDA/OFA, Vacuum, Lab-gases, RO/DI, LN2, Process Waste System
  • Design Packages- SD, DD, CD, Permit, plan/check, as-builts, P&IDs
  • Analysis- Building cooling/heating loads, ASHRAE 55 Thermal Comfort, Tile-flow fluid dynamic

CAD Services

  • 3D drawing for design coordination/BIM 300
  • Preparing “as found” drawings for existing facilities that have partial or no electronic CAD records
  • Preparing architectural sheet metal drawings

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