At Therma, safety is more than a priority; it’s a core value that has guided us for half a century. Our program is grounded on positively motivating safe actions and decisions by employees at all levels. This approach focuses on worker behavior in direct connection with minimizing or preventing any workplace accidents and incidents.

Our focus on safety begins when our employees first walk through our doors. They are trained and counseled on how to perform their jobs safely and efficiently, with great emphasis on personal responsibility. At Therma, education and training are the foundation that ensures the health and safety of our employees, our customers, the public, and the environment.

In addition, we regularly evaluate our own safety performance to ensure that we continually meet or exceed all safety, health, and environmental regulations. Through safety observations and audits, we identify, assess and address risks at both customer facilities and our fabrication shop.

Therma is committed to being an industry leader in safety performance. We believe the only acceptable safety goal is zero incidents. To achieve and maintain this goal, we engage all levels of our organization in safety, conduct ongoing safety education and training, carefully plan, both pre-project and pre-task, and continuously improve our safety programs and procedures.